Become one of the
50 Pipletz testers…

…and be the first to experience a new kind of intelligent protection.

When you join the pipletz test program, you will be sent free security and well-being sensors (connected objects) so that you can give us your feedback.

Why become
a Pipletz tester

You will benefit first from a connected security system that you will then be able to keep.

You will actively take part in the improvement of products and services and the development of new functions.

You will benefit from regular updates following your feedback.

You can count on personalised support, quickly and without intermediary throughout the process.

What do you have to do when you are a Pipletz tester?

Answer a short questionnaire twice a month with the same member of staff each time. You can also send us your comments whenever you want.

You agree to send back the products if you leave the program or if you do not respect the terms and conditions of the program.

You are invited to convivial events (meeting other testers and members of the Pipletz team, drinks with other testers)

How the Programme works

Contact with a dedicated contact: e-mail address or telephone required.

Package sent to recipient, 3 to 5 days free delivery.

Personalised follow-up, support at each stage of the program.

Once you have learned to use the system, the first Pipletz feedback sheets are sent by e-mail (user feedback, 15 questions to tick, approximately 10 minutes).

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